Easy Booking for SAP or IT Freelancers in General

I am headed towards Hanover, where the annual CeBIT will take place. I am very excited at the prospect of attending the world’s largest computer expo. This is the first time I actually managed to get some time off so I could attend this event.

However, finding proper accommodation for my stay proved itself to be rather tricky. When my plans finally fell into place, it was rather late – all the hotels in Hanover were full. With the help of Google Maps, I started searching for hotels outside the city. I also needed to look for further transportation.

Some hotels had an online presence on booking.com or other websites. However, those that had free rooms seemed to be too far from the area I was interested in. Since I’m not traveling by car, I’m not interested in hotels that are too far from Hanover.

Although hotel websites tend to give basic information regarding their rooms and their services (e.g.  picturesque images, the story of the founders, sometimes even prices), I was rather unimpressed. You still have to call them in order to receive the actual information you need, which is availability. If none of the advertised rooms are available, you’re basically just wasting your time looking at pictures of nicely decorated hotel rooms. Calling several hotels when you’re running out of time is quite unpleasant.

This experience made me think about a similar problem from the SAP world. Freelance IT consultants like myself have their own websites, where they advertise their services. However, their availability is not mentioned anywhere on the website – I am also guilty of not indicating this on my business website, figaf.com. I might just be available for 2 hours tomorrow, or I might be booked for the next 5 years. Either way, my availability remains shrouded in mystery. That’s what most people do: they write about their skills, areas of expertise, products and services, but not the days and hours when they are available for new work.

I think we need a booking website for consultants and developers as well (maybe it’s out there, but I certainly haven’t found it yet). A website like that would require a lot of effort from consultants and companies alike. However, in the long run it would be worth it.

Clients want to find professionals without wasting their time. Hiring a recruiter to find available experts is not a viable option, mostly when the experts are only needed for short projects. Direct contact between the clients and the freelancers/companies would definitely increase overall efficiency, saving some precious time on the way.

Do you know any websites like the one I’ve described or is this just my ideal website that is yet to be created? Don’t be afraid to share some information in the comments.

To end the post on a positive note: I eventually found a hotel room in the city center through Airbnb.com. I hope attending the expo will be a great experience!

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