Freelancer Frustration Caused by Projects Not Starting When Expected

Freelancer Frustration

Freelancer Frustration

There are many situations that can lead a freelancer to frustration.


Let’s say you’ll start working on a project next week. Everything seems fine, you even say no to some other full-time projects that are offered to you. You are committed to this exciting new assignment. But then the period before the start date seems to just drag on. You don’t receive clear instructions. The customer approval is missing. Hopefully, you will get paid for creating the project proposal. Aside from this payment, your new project seems to be fruitless for the moment, and you soon grow tense and frustrated.


At one point, you have to assess the amount of time you have left for this project. Are you investing time at this point, or wasting it? Eventually, you’ll have to start bidding on other projects – and your new customers might need your work urgently. You have to organize your time carefully. You will miss out on some great projects for the sake of other assignments; you can’t do everything at once.


As a freelancer, you have to be very flexible. You need to provide help and support to your current customers; you obviously want them to succeed, and continue their collaboration with you. Before accepting a new offer, consider whether you have the time needed for the support tasks at your current customer. At the same time, you have to assess the amount of time you can invest in any new projects. Are you able to fulfill the help and support needs of each client?


Sometimes it is extremely difficult to assess how much time will be spent on a project. Always try to have an in-depth conversation with your customer prior to the starting point of the project, in order to have a clear idea of what you’re doing. Ideally, you should have a brief timeline of the project in your head by the end of the conversation. Otherwise, you might end up missing out on some interesting projects while waiting for an assignment that keeps getting delayed.


It is easier to settle for a full-time project while doing smaller tasks on the side; however, as a freelancer you might often find yourself juggling multiple projects. Such a situation cannot be avoided – freelancer frustration and all the insecurities associated with it will occur at one point. If you want to come out of it unscathed, you should be prepared – both in terms of time management and finances. You should have enough money to support yourself if a project doesn’t go as expected.
Do you often get frustrated because of projects that don’t start when they should? What other aspects of your freelance projects have made you feel frustrated?

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