Get a real business, get a business stamp

I was applying for a Visa for emigration. To make the application I needed to get my company to guarantee that they would support my and make sure I was not doing anything wrong. On this application there should be a company stamp. I said that I did not have one for my company Figaf ApS.

I was told I could submit the application without a company stamp. Then it was not possible to know what the customs would think. Could you really have a company that does not have a stamp?

It is strange that you need a stamp to authenticate that you are a real company. I can get any company stamp created and use it for validating a fake business or what I wanted to do. Some of the places you can buy a plate with stamps you can make yourself or probably Vista print is not performing validation if the stamp is not a valid company.

Think we are living in a world where it is still okay to validate business on paper documents, and just valid them with stamps that can be forged from just 30$.

I ordered a company stamp for Figaf that I could use on the application. I always wanted a stamp for the once a quarter mail to my accountant, so I don’t have to

stamp for business

Write the address. Now I can save 30 seconds each quarter on this.

It is a good idea for you to get the stamp when you are anyway ordering your business maps. Then you can also make sure you can make your mail posted faster.

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