Agents is the best thing for freelancers?

For years of being a freelancer I found agents really helpful in the freelance business I listed some key points that will help you decide whether agents or recruiting agent is an essential for freelancers.

Obviously the disadvantage with agents is they take a little bit of your income which makes it frustrating. The challenge will be agents merely take 20%-30% of your project income. The advantage will be they have a large knowledge within the market in some possible projects out there. In which they can use this as an advantage to accept and use their knowledge in various projects such as how to attract plenty of people to get involved with my personal projects.

As a freelancer you don’t have the advantage to reach for your market since you don’t have any idea where to get possible prospects because you only got few clients and want to build relationship and conserve them but it is very difficult for you to grow to even bigger market. Another thing to consider is they do help the business find the right clients for your future projects. I realized it a week ago the agents are really essentials for the business because after I’ve done SAP PI projects I still have some free time in which I want to utilize it to generate more income.

I tend to do job hunting on various websites but found it miserable since it takes lots of time and effort to find possible prospects yet It is very different from having an Agent in which they will make your job hunting more productive within the short period of time.  I simply wait more a ring to answer calls for possible clients that will need my assistance and expertise for a specific task.

In a simple explanation recruiting agency is a neutral mail man making sure to serve both clients and give decent rate for the freelancer itself. They are the middle man that will help win the negotiation on both sides.

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  • Sean Johnson

    Reply Reply October 21, 2013

    Hey Michael

    I find that the problem with agents if you are a freelancer, at least here in the London market is that you become a commodity. Basically it is difficult to build a brand if you just liaise with the agent. You cannot use any sales techniques and the option that is usually chosen is who is the least cost provider at a certain skill level.

    I for one am looking to using internet marketing / copywriting / lead generation tactics to my business as a means of having more control over my sales funnel. (Or indeed having a sales funnel to start with.)

    LIke what you are doing with the site.

    Best Regards

    Sean Johnson

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